Swoop, Eastern Washington University's mascot, is an ambassador, spirit leader, and fun-loving character for the University. A popular character among EWU fans, alumni, & students, he’s adored by all walks of life. His charm, attitude, and high-spirited personality combine to make up why he’s America’s Favorite Mascot.

Swoop’s character was created on September 29, 1973, as the first mascot of EWU. Originally named Victor E. Eagle, in the early 2000’s, his Character was revamped into what now makes Swoop “America’s Favorite Mascot”. He strives to entertain crowds at EWU sporting and campus events along with putting on a show.

To request a Swoop appearance at a private event, click here. Below is EWU Athletics' mascot appearance request policy:

Mascot Appearances 
The Eastern Washington University (EWU) Mascot, "Swoop," is the property of EWU Athletics, and is always the representative of EWU.  As such, "Swoop" appears at official EWU events and may also appear at other events where his appearance enhances the University image.  "Swoop" will be available to appear for off-campus EWU and non-EWU related activities, including but not limited to, birthday parties, weddings, etc.

Appearances Availability
Anyone can request "Swoop" to attend their event, but there will be no guarantees.  Appearances will be based on availability only and priority is given to EWU events. EWU Athletics prefers to keep appearance time to a maximum of two hours.

Non-Permissible Events
"Swoop" shall not be permitted to appear at events that may reasonably constructed as advancing a political agenda, religion, or personal business interests.

Request Notification
All requests for "Swoop" appearances must be submitted, in writing or email, at least two (2) weeks prior to the scheduled event.

The cost for Swoop to attend an event will be the following:
  • Spokane County - $50 first hour, each additional $25/hr
  • Seattle - $250 (includes travel to and first hour, each additional $25/hr)
  • Tri-Cities & Surrounding area - $150 (includes travel to and first hour, each additional $25/hr)
  • Ellensburg - $175 (includes travel to and first hour, each additional $25/hr)
  • North Idaho - $100 (includes travel to and first hour, each additional $25)
  • Hotel if needed $100/ night
Fees may be waived upon EWU Athletics approval for certain charitable/community events.

Costume Damage
In the event that any part of the Swoop costume is damaged at an event due to misconduct on the behalf of one of the guests in attendance, the individual/department requesting "Swoop" will be charged a replacement cost for each damaged item.
  • Body & Tail - $500
  • Legs - $75
  • Head - $650
  • Hands - $75
  • Clothing - varies from $50 - $250, depending on item damaged

Where To Send Appearance Requests

Please use the Swoop Request Form for faster response.

Mailing Address:
Eastern Washington University Athletics
207 Physical Education Building
Cheney, WA 99004